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 An Artful Blend of Beauty & Sustainability™  


"My hope is to use my art to grow the appeal of earth-friendly goods."   linda santell



I am an earth-conscious, self-taught artist, who strives to create items that artfully blend beauty, utility and sustainability.  My focus is on adding color and design to items made with natural and organic materials. While solid, earthy tones are great for many things, I want to expand your choices by offering the option of vibrant color and graphic design.  My hope is to use my art to make earth-friendly goods appeal to a wider range of people by offering items that are An Artful Blend of Beauty & Sustainability™

All of my offerings (paper and fabric) are created with my original designs and illustrations. I especially love illustrating the earth's bounty. My own herb garden and the fresh, diverse harvest from local farms is the inspiration for many of my images.  You will find herbs, fruits and veggies in abundance in my work.  I use earth-friendly materials and methods.  My fabric designs are custom printed locally in north carolina using water based pigments on both natural and organic base materials.  

Creating is a S L O W process and a very personal one. I design every fabric item and carefully finish each piece myself.  I illustrate and print my note cards in my studio and hand cut, fold & package each one.


Thank you for your interest in my art & in earth-friendly choices.

With Gratitude,


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 "To create positive change each of us must model a new way of being in the world.

It requires an emphasis on collaborative, co-creating within mutually enhancing

relationships that promote caring for one another and 



our sacred, living planet."

linda santell  


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